Monday, September 26, 2011

Results from our Fall Hill Climb Challenge

Results from our 5th Annual Fall Edition "Bridge to Bridge" Uphill Bike Challenge

Thank you everyone who participated, it was a GREAT Race once again! We had a strong field with 5 past winners, and record setting time by our (now) 2 time Champion Nick Waller - an incredibly fast 16:46!!


16:46 Nick Waller* (1st Place & a modern course record!)

17:25 Andrew Bernstein* (2nd Place)

17:59 Zack Vogel* (3rd Place)

18:26 Sean Gilooly
18:33 Stan Mavis
18:39 John Onderdonk*
18:40 Mike Winsten
18:57 Brad Young*
19:01 Stephen Offord
19:30 Cody Madigan
19:51 Scott Hock
20:20 Dylan Thomatlie
20:47 Bret Young
22:03 Glyn Chilton
22:25 John Kelly
22:34 Caroline Stem (1st Place Women's Div.)
22:54 Brett Giaconia
22:59 Brian Hoffman
23:19 Aaron Miller
23:51 Renee Marie Salerno (2nd Place Women's Div.)
23:52 Heather Reynolds (3rd Place Women's Div.)
24:12 Paul Gebhard
24:57 Keith Wentworth
25:35 Carl Clemenzi
26:09 Achim Felber
27:11 Mike Hogan
36:39 Gerald Groff

*Past Champions:

Men's Division:
Andrew Bernstein (Fall '08, Fall '10)
Jamie Clechenko (Fall '07, Spring '09, Fall '09)
John Onderdonk (Spring '07)
Zack Vogel (Spring '11)
Nick Waller A.K.A. "Grasshopper" (Spring '10, Fall '11)
Brad Young (Spring '08)

Women's Division:
Susy Garcia Romero (Spring '11)
Aurora Lamperetta (Spring '09, Fall '09, Spring '10, Fall '10)
Maureen O'Leary-Laskey (Fall '07)
Caroline Stem (Fall '11)

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  1. Thank you for putting on another great event and feast!!! We look forward to your gracious hospitality every year and you have never disappointed! Funny though...the boy looked happier with that plate of potato salad then he did after winning. Begs the question; what the he** is in that stuff!?!