Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mulleyville Snowmobile Club Annual Bonfire Party this Saturday (1/15)

Winter is finally showing herself up here on Lake Desolation! Just in time for the Mulleyville Snowmobile Club Annual Bonfire Party!

Starts on the Lake in front of Tinney's around 2pm. It's open to everyone, so come on up!

We'll be open for Lunch at 12pm this Saturday and Sunday!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Outhouse Races! Jan. 30th

If you don't have an Outhouse Racer, better get building!

Here are the rules/specs for the race:

1) Outhouse MUST have 3 walls, roof, and a toilet seat (plumbing is optional :)

2) 5 person teams (one person must sit inside outhouse - "Driver")

3) "Driver" must weigh minimum 100 lbs.

4) Human power only!!

Starts at 2pm on Jan. 30th, 2011