Monday, October 29, 2012

Results from our 6th Annual Fall Edition "Bridge to Bridge" Uphill Bike Challenge

Thank you everyone who participated! Once again a great race with only :01 separating two past Champions for 1st & 2nd Place in the Men's Division! Congratulations to Zack Vogel and Caroline Stein (both past Champions) for winning their divisions! We also had our first ever Tandem Bike entry, nice job Carl Regenauer & Melinda Fry for 1st Place in our newest division!


17:10 Zack Vogel* (1st Place)
17:11 Andrew Bernstein* (2nd Place)
17:29 Daniel Patterson (3rd Place) 19:30 Tim Boyle
19:31 Eric Feder
20:30 Bret Young
20:30 Chris T Roman
21:24 Dustin DeLuke
21:49 Caroline Stein* (1st Place Women's Div.)
22:00 Kevin Ortowski
22:06 Renee Marie Salerno (2nd Place Women's Div.)
22:07 David Sayer
22:17 Glyn Chilton
22:42 Tim Bantham
23:06 Rich Burnley
23:42 Jon Kelly
23:42 Carl Regenauer & Melinda Fry (1st Place Tandem Div.)
25:22 Aaron Miller

*Past Champions:

Men's Division:
Andrew Bernstein (Fall '08, Fall '10)
Jamie Clechenko (Fall '07, Spring '09, Fall '09)
John Onderdonk (Spring '07)
Zack Vogel (Spring '11, Fall '12)
Nick Waller A.K.A. "Grasshopper" (Spring '10, Fall '11, Spring '12)
Brad Young (Spring '08)

Women's Division:
Susy Garcia Romero (Spring '11)
Aurora Lamperetta (Spring '09, Fall '09, Spring '10, Fall '10)
Maureen O'Leary-Laskey (Fall '07)
Caroline Stein (Fall '11, Fall '12)
Kristen Willford (Spring '12)

Tandem Bike Division (new!):
Carl Regenauer & Melinda Fry (Fall '12)

Friday, October 12, 2012

Closing at 10pm on 10/20 for Private Party

We will be closing early on Saturday, October 20th for a Private Party.
We will still be open for dinner (full menu until 9pm)

Book your own private party:
Call us today 518-584-8040

Friday, October 5, 2012

Annual Fall "Bridge to Bridge" Hill climb Challenge!

Attention cyclists!

Please join us for our annual Fall Hill Climb
(~1,000' in 4.5 miles) winding up Lake Desolation
Road. Always a great ride, and is followed by a
reception and great food after.

  • Saturday, October 27th
  • $10 entry fee
  • 9:00am - 9:30am: Parking and registration at Tinney's Tavern
  • 10:00am: Race starts at the post office at the bottom of the mountain
  • 11:00am: Reception & Buffet at Tinney's Tavern
Route Map: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/701546

Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Hours starting October 1st

Fall Hours:
(Effective October 1st, 2012)

Monday ~ We are closed
Tuesday ~ We are closed
Wednesday ~ We are closed
Thursday ~ We are closed
Friday ~ Open at 4pm (Full Menu until 9pm*)
Saturday ~ Open at 4pm (Full Menu until 9pm*)
Sunday ~ We are closed

*Limited menu is available until we close.